Customer Satisfaction Surveys

How do you know what your customers are thinking? Are you creating loyal customers or unknowingly turning them away?

You’ll know if you take the proper measures to ASK! Simply asking the question gets the conversation going. Customer satisfaction surveys allow for unedited feedback.

These surveys are completed by real customers who tell you what they really feel and in their own words. This form of feedback is vital to understand what customers are thinking and feeling—and ultimately deciding about your stores and your airport.

What are customer satisfaction surveys?

Tcustomer satisfaction surveyhrough customer satisfaction surveys, customers are asked to answer questions via an on-line survey form to rate their experience with an organization, product or service. Questions may elicit quantitative responses and/or qualitative narrative. Specific questions can be asked to focus on current promotions, observed behaviors, or areas on which the organization would like feedback.

What makes CSE different?

CSE’s comprehensive approach which follows our exclusive eC²® model, our expert consulting services and form creation methodology are unique in the industry; facilitating the process of collecting relevant survey data and transforming it into performance improvement strategies.

How does CSE manage results and reporting?

customer satisfaction surveys reportingCSE uses cutting edge technology, customized for each client organization, to capture and report data. The combination of dynamic technology and CSE’s strategic approach offers clients timely, secure, efficient, accurate and reliable data; thus providing service measurement results that are customized, developmental, actionable and reliable.

Customer satisfaction survey distribution methods include:

  • Emails directly to contact lists
  • Printed codes on receipts
  • Survey link embedded in your website
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) via a phone
  • QR codes