Our effective solutions have proven to be the foundation for continued innovation that spans multiple industries.

Our experience and expertise has led us to work primarily in the following industries:

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CSE knows airports. CSE began working in the airport concessions industry in early 2000 with the launch of an industry-first innovative service development program at Ronald Reagan National Airport. Since then, we have delivered to over 20 airport projects and work at locations in over 100 airports.  We are proud to be considered the innovative leader in service development, serving airport authorities, services, consultants, developers and concessionaires.


With over 20 years of experience providing solutions both individually and enterprise-wide to IMPROVE employee and organizational performance, we understand the direct relationship between employee engagement and organizational results such as:

  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • Productivity
  • Employee retention
  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Profitability


Recognizing that our services often drastically improve organizations and the way employees engage within them; CSE is careful to focus on clients that will benefit greatly from our work together.  Our solutions are most effectively applied to organizations which are ready, willing and committed to change and improvement.  This means that the executive leaders treat our engagement as a partnership; they are engaged and supportive while being open to the possibilities that may arise.


While CSE’s products, services and consulting capabilities scale across large organizations with tens of thousands of employees, our most effective results are realized with small to medium sized, regional businesses with 500-5000 employees.  Our experience and expertise has led us to work primarily with airports, restaurants and retail, recreation and destination, and financial services clients.  However, due to the nature of our work, our effectiveness reaches across many industries.  We like to say, “If you have people, we can help!”


We don’t third party our services. CSE brings together some of the most successful customer experience professionals in the industry—experts who help our clients redefine their relationships with employees and customers and boost their revenue potential. And, you won't find theorists or philosophers at CSE; rather, you'll find practitioners with real, relevant experience who can relate to the challenges leaders and their organizations face every day.

Our clients experience our approach first-hand. Here's what a few had to say:

  • Miami International Airport: "...great balance between videos, role playing and interactive discussions. These trainings have been very well received by Managers and Associates..."
  • Wilner Companies, Inc.: "The team is first class, and the end product is exceptional!"
  • Smithsonian Enterprises: "CSE intensely studies the needs of the organization, then custom-tailors the program to ensure success!"