Communication and Change Management

When well-managed, transformation can be a cathartic process that unites employees, customers and stakeholders, inspires fresh thinking, and charts a new course towards CX excellence. Beyond the processes and the place, communication and change management focuses on the people.

Effective change management approaches transformation from the view of employees, customers and stakeholders. CXE works with clients to identify and understand the diverse needs of all involved in order to create buy-in and build capacity, while leveraging communication to tell the story, deepen relationships and build momentum towards success. When employees feel connected to why change is happening, what it means to them, and how they can contribute to success, they bring the new service culture to life.


How do we develop a communications plan that educates and encourages stakeholders, employees, and customers and ultimately aligns them around our CX goals?

“There is no single solution to stakeholder engagement. Success rests in crafting a communication approach that builds frequency, consistency and understanding. Once people begin to see themselves in the future state, they can become champions for change.”


CXE works with clients to develop a communications strategy to unite your internal and external audience around your CX transformation by analyzing and developing the following:

Collaborator roles and responsibilities

Organizational relationships

Stakeholder pain points and needs

Key motivators

Clear, consistent and authentic messaging

Existing communication channels

New communication channels

Consistent communication cadence