A brand, vision and values should be simple, memorable, and most importantly, inspirational.

With the ability to influence employee and customer experiences alike, an organization’s brand, vision and values collectively serve as the beacon to guide the development of the CX strategy. A framework for success, together they shape and sustain all CX efforts.

It’s the age of the customer and successful brands are shifting from the marketing arena and into experiences. 

How a company interacts with customers is the new standard for measuring brands. From the first moment a customer connects, the brand experience begins. A response to a Tweet, how an employee answers the phone, or the welcoming smile of an associate, all generate feelings, emotions and behavioral responses that should directly reflect the brand, vision and values.


Exceptional brand experiences are ingrained in a service culture and championed by employees at all levels. Enabled by a robust employee engagement program that includes training, coaching, rewards and recognition, when a service culture is built on the elements of the brand strategy, true brand experiences are achieved. The result is lasting and meaningful relationships with customers and employees alike.

Memorable and meaningful brand experiences are:

Customer and employee-centric





Reinforced by metrics



How are brand and service culture related?

Your culture is where your brand is born. It affects every decision an attracts and retains both employees and customers. An inspiring service culture unites employees around a common vision and incites collective commitment to deliver brand experiences. An organization’s brand must guide a cultural transformation and become the foundation for shaping and sustaining a service culture. CXE works with clients to achieve the alignment of the brand and culture through the thoughtful and purposeful development of service standards, training, measurement, coaching and engagement programs that echo the vision and values and demonstrate the desired brand experience.

How do we operationalize our brand experience?

CXE helps operationalize successful, consistent and delightful brand experiences for every customer and employee. We support our clients in creating workplace environments where seamless service and positive experiences are welcomed and expected. We help organizations deliver brand experiences by:

Engaging employee and leadership stakeholders

Defining CX program goals and objectives

Identifying standards and behaviors that will positively influence KPI’s

Aligning brand and service culture


“CX is what sets an organization apart from their competition. Research has shown that positive CX leads to long-term customer loyalty that increases revenues while reducing internal expenses. When companies embed CX into their strategy, set clear targets, and regularly measure their progress, the result is a brand that become synonymous with exceptional customer experiences.” – Lise D’Andrea, Founder and CEO