Engaged employees create exceptional customer experiences.

Every organization can realize their greatest potential through the unified engagement of employees and stakeholders. When employees understand their role and actively contribute to making the vision a reality, exceptional experiences happen. CXE works collaboratively with our clients to engage employees and stakeholders and develop customized CX programs that united people on a trajectory of excellence.

A collaborative approach to foster support.

We believe an organization’s entire community should be actively engaged in crafting the customer experience. Including employees and stakeholders at all levels creates an inclusive approach to culture change while building commitment to results. By integrating unique perspectives, a holistic service culture can be created and nurtured. This collective approach ensures continuity and buy-in, establishes relationships, and ultimately builds a community of trust, support and respect. The result is a unified service culture that continually meets and exceeds customer and employee expectations.

CXE’s integrated approach for engagement.

CXE offers an inclusive, three-pronged approach to engage diverse groups of influential stakeholders:

1. Building and issuing Needs Assessment Surveys to determine needs, identify gaps, and target areas of improvement.

2. Developing a CX Task Force and facilitating a workshop with this team in order to foster a unified, connected service culture.

3. Holding a Leadership Summit to foster ownership and commitment.

Needs Assessment Survey

To understand where we need to go, we must first understand where we are. A Needs Assessment Survey is a critical first step in building an engaged service culture by gathering valuable data to uncover opportunities, understand risk and obstacles, and create benchmarks for experiences. Leveraging CXE’s robust research capabilities, the Needs Assessment Survey gathers targeted results from which important CX decisions can be made.

Needs Assessment Surveys:

Identify areas of opportunity

Solicit candid employee and customer feedback

Assess change readiness and engagement levels of both employees and customers

Benchmark the overall success of the customer and passenger experiences

Gauge customer and employee alignment

Gather recommendations and innovative ideas


Uniting diverse stakeholders for a unified service culture.

CX Task Force

Successful CX programs are embedded across all areas of an organization. A CX Task Forces is a cross-functional group that is responsible for creating a sustainable and viable service direction and vision that are the foundation for building effective measurement, training, coaching and rewards and recognition programs. Through CXE’s tested criteria, we help clients develop an inclusive task force membership that represents varying tenures, positions and departments. To ensure members have the skills and knowledge required to steer a CX program, CXE offers workshop(s) and training to build capacity and quickly help the group unite and gain momentum.

Leadership Summit

Effective change must be championed at the highest levels of an organization. Leadership Summits help foster ownership of the customer experience, provide an opportunity for input and involvement, and set clear expectations of the role of leaders in championing the development of a memorable and seamless customer experience.

Leadership Summit Objectives:

Leverage and build organization-wide relationships

Engage executives and key stakeholders

Educate/inform members of the benefits of service culture efforts

Explore the key elements that are necessary to build and sustain an enterprise-wide service culture

Identify the roadblocks that exist to achieving service goals

To establish participants as change agents for successfully navigating the growth and readiness for change

To define customer service standards & behaviors