Data, Dashboards, Reports, Analytics…now what?

With your Performance Measurement Program in place, now you’re presented with a wealth of valuable data, but do you know what to do with these reports, dashboards, survey results, and service evaluation scores? Implementing a Coaching and Action Planning Program can help you use this data effectively by making it actionable. Integrating a Coaching and Action Plan methodology to your organization’s Customer (CX) and Employee (EX) strategy will ensure a direct conduit between the data and the employee, optimizing coaching opportunities.

To put it quite simply, your service evaluation results (also referred to as Mystery Shops) offer insights into your team’s successes and developmental opportunities, and the Coaching and Action Plan is the framework for improving performance.

GROW Model-01CXE’s GROW coaching plan is a simple framework that boosts employee engagement, sparks customer delight, and drives organizational success. Use it to guide a conversation that supports and helps employees to upskill and reskill for development.

The Importance of Coaching

The ability to motivate, inspire, and encourage positive behavioral changes is innate in most managerial staff, but they may not know how to coach. CXE’s GROW Coaching &

Coaching R.O.I.

Grow Icon 1 51% of companies with a strong coaching culture report higher revenue than their industry peers.

(Human Capital Institute)

Grow Icon 2 An  88% increase in productivity was seen with coaching vs. 23% from training alone.

(Center for Management & Organizational Effectiveness)


Action Planning Program is a timely solution with a powerful impact. Its easy implementation and seamless integration with your existing Performance Measurement program ensures the alignment of your data with results. Equip your leaders with the exact skills they need to become the catalysts for long-lasting organizational change and improved Customer and Employee Experiences—the dividends are exponential!


The GROW Coaching and Action Plan

A Simple Employee Development Framework to help you coach effectively provides:

  • Methodology for professional development and career growth
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to coach
  • A list of the right coaching questions to coach effectively


Turn your Performance Measurement results into a proactive development program via coaching.

Learn more about the benefits of implementing Coaching and Action Planning.