Why eLearning?

Even before COVID-19, there was already a high demand in education technology and online learning. This pandemic has influenced a clear shift from the classroom to web-based training solutions for frontline and management teams everywhere. Employees require additional soft skills in order to adapt to this new environment and to continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The digital learning space is a safe, scalable, and convenient delivery method.


eLearning Training Benefits:

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CXE Learning Management System (LMS)

CXE has developed a learning management system (LMS) will boost employee engagement by offering centralized training courses in one easy-to-access learning management platform. Our secure training solution is easy, simple, and intuitive to optimize the (UX) User Experience. The LMS offers real-time, on-demand reporting to track training compliance across your organization.

  • Secure training solution with fast implementation
  • Easy, simple, intuitive interface to optimize the user experience.
  • Flexible and scalable pricing plans
  • The platform can be updated with training programs to adapt to changes to TSA security and FAA safety requirements. Upload simple courses and resources to keep all tenants informed of new procedures and announcements.
  • Meet the new electronic and digital training reporting requirements with CXE's LMS
  • Capture and maintain online training records to ensure compliance
  • Robust Reporting: on-demand, real-time management reporting.
  • Tailored learning paths that align with each client’s specific training requirements.
  • Three different ways to approach User registration.
    • Self-Registration – Allows users to enter their own credentials, eliminating the administrative burden on clients.
    • Bulk-Upload – Allows clients to quickly register large groups of employees, with simply an email address.
    • Email Registration – Users are emailed a registration link, where they can enroll by simply creating a username and password.
  • The platform comes with ready API integrations to popular third-party applications, with the possibility of integrating additional applications and customizations, as needed.
  • Technical Support is offered to relieve the administrative burden.


CXE's Custom eLearning Solutions

Are you looking for a unique learning path for your employees? CXE collaborates with clients to create custom online training experiences, tailored to your organization. Specializing in creating interactive, engaging online learning, there is nothing that is off-limits when developing a custom web-based training. From gamification, translation to any language, to custom animations and videos, we help our clients develop learning content that resonates best with their specific employee needs.