How Can I apply your model in my organization?

Our eC²® model is applicable to any organization; it addresses the entire employee experience, providing organizations with a framework from which to enhance and support the service culture. The connections that make up the model are relevant to everyone: service principles that guide behavior, company leadership, organizational processes, learning & development and internal communication.

Learn more about eC²® model and the solutions that address each connection.

How are your services priced?

All of our services and solutions have fixed pricing with some additional pricing variables based on your specific scope of work.

Please contact our Business Development Team for more information on pricing considerations.

Who in our organization will be involved in the process?

Our products are designed to gather feedback and information from organizations from the very beginning of the project, involving leadership and employees in the process. Including team members in the creation of solutions stimulates enthusiasm, ownership and buy-in. Providing outlets for employees to give feedback offers them the opportunity to share their thoughts and gives them a voice in the company.

Do you have programs that just address sales or service training?

CSE does have training programs that address specific service skills. It is our belief that customer service is everyone's job and doesn't just happen at the front line, in one department or with external customers alone. Our approach recognizes that co-workers are internal customers and that internal relationships have a direct correlation to external customer relationships. Training isn't a magic bullet, and professional development doesn't happen in a vacuum. While other companies simply sell training, we look for ways to make learning an innate part of an organization's overall customer experience strategy.

What if I just want to do mystery shopping?

Mystery Shops are conducted to measure customer experience and perception in real-time, real world customer interactions. This is a great place to begin and will help identify areas of success and opportunity for further development or recognition. CSE also believes that the external customer experience is just half of the equation. Additional research and information on the employee experience via an employee survey will provide more actionable data with greater impact, completing your full customer experience equation. Learn more about our service measurement solutions.