Smithsonian Enterprises

"Our experience working with CSE can be summarized in one word: outstanding. Maintaining service levels and achieving sales potential can only be sustained with an investment in human capital, and our investment with CSE has certainly paid dividends.

We have remained in partnership with CSE for several years primarily because of their accessibility, responsiveness, and overall professionalism. Not only do they improve results, but they make us a better organization overall. We have improved and sustained desired service levels, improved the interactive skills of our selling associates at point of sale and our ability to deploy selling initiatives. As a result, we have expanded our member base exponentially and initiated new income generating ideas we may have never tried without their help!

I would highly recommend CSE to any service organization regardless of industry. CSE intensely studies the needs of the organization, then custom-tailors the program to ensure success! It's a win-win for all as selling staff and customers benefit from their services!"

Paul Flickinger
Chief Operating Officer, Retail
Smithsonian Enterprises