Airport Concession Developer

CSE has unmatched experience in delivering a premier customer experience in the unique airport environment.

CSE understands the traveling public and the challenges brands face in airports, and creates programs that deliver a truly special customer experience, enhancing loyalty for the retail brands and profit for the management companies.

CSE began implementing service development programs in the airport industry 12 years ago and our expertise has earned us the distinction of being the primary full-service consulting firm in the airport concession environment. CSE is currently partnering with Developers, Concessionaires, and Airport Retailers across the United States to improve service delivery and enhance passenger experiences.


Since 2002, CSE has partnered with a major Airport Concessions Developer with nearly 60 concessions and 1000 concessions employees.


The client's goal was to improving service in the airport environment among food & beverage and retail locations and to develop concession management teams both personally and professionally.


CSE recommended a comprehensive Service Development Program as the principal method for driving employee performance and to provide outstanding service for all passengers.

First, CSE conducted an initial phase of mystery shopping in all store locations to achieve a baseline score. The average for all locations was a 70.1%. CSE then engaged in a comprehensive mystery shopping form development process, involving concession teams, key client representatives and stakeholders. Ongoing mystery shopping, coupled with in-store consulting and a robust rewards program contributed to an increase in mystery shopping scores throughout each round the first year.

In the second year of the engagement, CSE introduced customized training services designed to address performance improvement in a unique airport environment. Scores rose to a 77% average by the end of 2003. The program continued to experience a consistent increase in scores year over year throughout 2007. In order to continue exceeding program goals, CSE developed and implemented a train-the-trainer program for management teams along with a core standards program that would focus on skill development in key elements of customer service. This program also included a focus on selling and serving in the airport environment, proving to be a valuable component for employees who were new to the challenges commonly experienced in the airport concession arena.


By the end of 2008, scores climbed to an impressive 85.15% average, program wide. Since that time, CSE has continued to fine tune and implement targeted strategies within the program. Most recently, 2010 concluded with mystery shop scores averaging 87.62% average.