CSE partners with over 100 airport projects in North America and is considered the LEADER in service development for airports.

Airport Service Development Mystery Shopping Provider



CSE began working within the airport concessions industry during the early years of development.  We launched an industry-first, innovative service development program at Reagan National Airport in 2000.  

We deliver, design and create customized programs aimed at enhancing the employee and customer experience within airports. Our acumen, experience and results driven culture provides our clients with performance measurement and employee development initiatives that are unmatched within the airport retail business.   

CSE works within diverse airport dynamics and demographics in over 100 locations.  This cultural awareness enables our team to design and implement well received, leading edge programs that address the unique needs of airport authorities, brands, and passengers including: 

  • Customized, branded approach uniting all employees to  serve a larger purpose within the airport community
  • Preparing concessionaires to perform in the airport environment to act as ambassadors while delivering service that is consistent with expectations
  • Fostering a community among the stakeholders within each project
  • Measuring the passenger experience through various research and feedback methods


Our programs have proven to be the foundation for continued innovation within each airport program. This development continuum builds customer loyalty and generates increased profitability for client partners. 

Products & Services

Effective solutions that CSE provides in the airport retail environment include:

  1. Mystery shopping: Ongoing service measurement measures the passenger experience and perception with real-time interactions.  
  2. Training: We have broad based experience developing and implementing training programs for mixed audiences, inclusive of concessionaires representing various minor merchandise categories and numerous organizations. The participants are encouraged and expected to be active learners, participating in their development as opposed to passively listening to the facilitator present or lecture.
  3. Consulting: CSE consults with management teams on measurement results to determine the level of service delivery at each touch point as well as how service behaviors align with the program standards and expectations.  
  4. Reward and Recognition: CSE implements reward and recognition programs to promote positive performance.