Our roots are in retail—earning accolades for our ability to change behavior and improve service.  From the front line to the bottom line, working with CSE makes sense!


CSE partners with retail clients across the country to improve their employee experiences—leading to service improvement, revenue growth and greater efficiency.  CSE’s niche is working with regional retail chains to:
  • Help develop their standards of service and performance
  • Communicate the message across the enterprise through training and development
  • Measure the results for effectiveness and further improvement
  • Professionally and personally develop leaders and managers
  • Improve communication
  • Implement reward and recognition programs


CSE understands the challenges associated with retail operations, including:  recruiting, selecting, onboarding and retaining talent, managing performance and coaching for improvement.  CSE effectively creates buy-in and results from the corporate executives all the way through to the front-line.


CSE engages all levels of employees in the support and development of service improvement.  We employ a strategy that introduces staff to the concept of treating each customer as a guest, mapping their journey through your store.  Each and every detail is scrutinized as each plays a part in shaping the customer experience.  We take a holistic approach to service improvement, understanding that service is delivered through more channels than simply front-line staff.  To learn more about our holistic approach to service improvement, please check out our eC²® Model.

Products & Services

Effective solutions that CSE provides for our retail clients include:
  • Professional services: Strategy development and consulting, creating the right solution mix for your specific needs
  • Foundations: Begin the creation of a service culture, and support everyone moving in the same direction
  • e4Survey®: CSE's employee survey, e4Survey®, will determine your organization’s strengths and opportunities from an employee perspective
  • Survey Strategy Session: A representative task force uses survey results to create relevant action plans
  • eMapping: Service map your customer journey to ensure delight at every touchpoint along the way
  • Mystery shopping: Measure your organization’s customer experience
  • Training: Equip your staff with the skills and tools to best represent your organization and serve your customers including customer engagement, determining needs, product knowledge and upselling.
  • Manager Consulting and Training: Understand how to use mystery shopping results to shape behavior, and gain the skills necessary to manage processes and lead a team