Support Systems

Organizations are like eco-systems: naturally seeking balance. 

When one area of the system is disturbed—through improvement or decline, the other areas of the system adjust to compensate—naturally seeking balance. 

When cultural standards are established, an area of the organization has benefitted from learning and development, or reward and recognition programs are implemented, the systems of the organization will seek balance.

CSE helps organizations create the support systems that provide balance by design and advance the organization, ultimately reinforcing the culture.  

Service Mapping: eMapping

CSE uses service mapping, or eMapping, as a method to identify areas of imbalance and action items for improvement. Learn more about eMapping for continual improvement of processes here.

Human Resources Collaboration

CSE also works with Human Resources personnel to ensure items such as interview questions, performance assessments and job descriptions all align with the organizational changes to sustain and reinforce the culture.

For more information about how CSE can help you create the support systems that will reinforce your culture, contact us today!