Leader Development

Do your leaders have a defined leadership style? Are they leveraging their talents and recognizing their opportunities for optimal team and organizational growth?

Become a leader that people want to follow with Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®. Great leaders have earned their way into the position by effectively:

Creating a Vision

Building Alignment

Championing Execution


Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® is a facilitated session that utilizes the assessment tool as a basis for leader development. Participants will have identified their style and leverage this knowledge with their own leadership experiences and ideas. This professional development program is ideal for leaders who: lead a team, lead a project, lead an organization or lead business unit; it is designed to help leaders improve the work they do every day.

CSE’s experts apply the leader’s assessment toward his or her development in a group formatso each leader can learn from and share best practices with each other while gleaning feedback from their peers.  This results in an opportunity to craft a plan for improvement and ultimately improve leadership effectiveness.

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