Fast, informed decisions demand smart, rapid report delivery. eView® gets you the data you need to get ahead…and stay there.


Data delivery-the way you want it.  Sometimes it’s not about WHAT you get, rather HOW and WHEN you get it.

What do you want?

  • On-line reports: Our suite of interactive web reports.
  • PDF’s: PDF reports and survey results for printing or emailing.
  • PDF books: Batch-printable PDF survey compilations.
  • Spreadsheets: Excel-compatible spreadsheets.
  • Exports: Download raw shop export data or special custom formats. 

How do you want it? 

  • Via web browser: Our online reports are available to every major browser/OS combination.
  • Via web link: Convenient one click link to shops.
  • Via email: PDF’s emailed directly to managers.

When do you want it?

  • On demand: Online reporting is available 24/7 with up-to-the second results.
  • On publication: Receive shops the moment our editors complete them.
  • On trigger: Instant notifications when a certain score, answer or any number of conditions are met.
  • On schedule: Email personalized web links to every manager with a few clicks.
  • On cycle: Results can be automatically delivered every week, day, hour, etc.


eView® gives you the precision tools to reveal the actionable truths with just a few clicks.

  • By evaluation: Present your entire evaluation in one summary.  Reveal charts and summary information on any question and details on any evaluation.
  • By level: Cut through the layers of subdivisions, locations, evaluations and answers until the real cause behind the results is revealed.
  • By geographic location: Dive into countries, states, provinces, and counties and examine your data from a brand new perspective.
  • Sample Reports:
    • Successes & Opportunities: Identify strongest and weakest performers.
    • Head to Head: Compare surveys side by side.
    • Data Mining & Cross Tab Reports: Use data-mining filters on any report or generate full cross-tab reports.

Execu-View Dashboards

Top executives have the greatest need for information and the least amount of time to get it. Our eView® dashboards deliver that all-important “Execu-View” within seconds.  

  • Instant Information: eView dashboards launch immediately upon login.
  • Configurable Perspective: At a glance identify highlights and hotspots and take immediate action.
  • “Smart POV” Technology: eView automatically adjusts the Dashboard content for each user.


Win the hearts and minds of your managers with our custom views in eView®.

  • Manager Buy-In: There’s only one good report: the report that your people read…and we have it.  eView’s clear, vivid graphics captures everyone’s attention and communicates corporate priorities directly to location employees and managers, empowering them to take quick action.
  • You Choose Views: Choose which data you see and in what theme and color.  Make your results yours.
  • Look at the Big Picture: Our eView® technology can paint the complete picture, revealing how each evaluation relates to prior results, other locations and company trends.