Airport Mystery Shopping & Measurement

Do you want to measure your customer or passenger experience but don’t know where to start? Considering the benefits of mystery shopping vs. customer surveys?

Quantify your customer experiences with mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys. Gathering actionable data from customers via mystery shopping or customer satisfaction surveys is the first step to creating the best solution for improvement.

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CSE specializes in pre and post- security mystery shops. Collecting customer experience responses via mystery shopping and surveys using our exclusive measurement platform, eView®. eView® enables users to measure the complete customer experience; combining dynamic technology with our strategic approach. The results of our service measurement efforts are actionable, relevant, and meaningful. For maximum action, consider mystery shop consultations!

Our measurement solutions are tailored to the needs of each client while adhering to the following CSE measurement standards:


CSE provides customized services that are developed utilizing our comprehensive expertise and unique information about your business.  We perform service measurement across many markets.


The single most important outcome of our measurement solution is its ability to improve employee performance. We create strategies focused on employee development.


We do more than just measure your experience; we help you IMPROVE it and positively impact your organization’s success.


eview mystery shopping measurement platformUtilizing our sophisticated experience measurement platform, eView®, we are able to capture and report data that provides tactical knowledge and drives performance improvement.