Mystery Shop Consultations

What do you do with mystery shops after they are completed?

mystery shop consulting

How can the information contained within a mystery shop be used to IMPROVE performance? How can you get the most value from your mystery shop program?

Our consultants are industry experts who assist clients and employee managers with developing action plans and coaching strategies to improve employee performance. CSE Consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in offering effective, realistic solutions to improve the drivers of customer service. We are experienced at partnering with our clients to develop strategies that reinforce standards and provide an arena for positive change. Mystery shop results are reviewed one-on-one with managers by an expert CSE consultant and address areas such as:

  • Staffing
  • Hiring
  • Leadership principles
  • Process analysis
  • Training methods
  • Communication practices

CSE leaves behind job aids to support managers in their development process. Consulting services offer the opportunity to reinforce coaching principles and performance improvement. Working one on one with clients and managers results in performance enhancement, employee development, and ultimately an improved customer experience.