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The 2021 CXE & AXN® Survey Results are here.

One constant has remained with so much pandemic-related uncertainty: the Customer and Employee Experiences have continually been identified as a tangible area of great opportunity, despite the unrest. Airports are demonstrating unparalleled innovation in their Employee Engagement initiatives while simultaneously improving the Customer Experience. The Airport Now! Survey Report reveals a new emphasis on the importance of employee Recognition & Appreciation, the value of integrating Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (D.E.I.) training, and creativity in overcoming hiring obstacles, and many more insights! Please continue reading to learn more about how Airport Industry professionals are counteracting the effects of the pandemic with their CX and EX program strategies.

Learn what Airport Professionals are doing and planning in the following areas:
  • New Technology
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Recognition & Appreciation
  • Attracting Talent

...and more!






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