Recognizing and Appreciating Progress

Everyone has a basic need of feeling appreciated and having a sense of belonging. In business however, the art of saying “thank you,” goes beyond courtesy and can directly impact employee performance and retention rates, influence customer experiences and drive organizational performance. 

Developing a targeted Recognition and Appreciation program can:

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Employee engagement is our passion.

Employee Recognition & Appreciation programs are strategic tools for creating an engaged and empowered workforce while signaling the desired work habits and behaviors. By positively reinforcing and recognizing best practices, employees are motivated to continue to deliver exceptional customer service that directly impacts their job satisfaction, customer experiences and the organizational bottom line.

CXE uses the latest in web-based technology to track, organize and reward employees while fostering an engaged service culture through motivating and memorable rewards and events. Paired with custom marketing tools, branding and a strategic communication plan, CXE works collaboratively with each client to create a program that fits their specific needs, culture and objectives. CXE’s custom Recognition & Appreciation Programs, when integrated with CXE Training, Performance Management, and Leader and Manager Development, creates an all-inclusive approach to excellent customer experiences and an impactful, organization-wide service culture.

How does the Employee Experience (EX) drive CX?

A positive and effective employee experience that motivates teams is one that connects the employee experience with the customer journey. Alone, the employee experience encapsulates what they encounter, observe or feel over the course of their time with an organization. However, when an employee understands the role that they play in the customer journey, and that their actions can positively influence the customer experience, they can fulfill their potential and maximize their contributions towards success.

Custom Recognition & Appreciation Programs

CXE’s Recognition & Appreciation programs are celebratory, merit-based programs that motivate employees to achieve CX goals while recognizing consistent and optimal service delivery. Our experienced Recognition & Appreciation team of savvy marketers, program designers and technology platform gurus, bring creativity, inspiration and excitement to every Recognition & Appreciation program we design. Using fresh and forward-thinking ideas, CXE designs and implements customized programs that recognize unique organizational cultures and creates innovative and inspirational programs that connect top performers to results.

By implementing these practices into your company culture, you will undoubtedly see better engagement with your employees, and customers which will improve the experience for all involved:

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To support the development of Recognition & Appreciation programs, CXE also offers:

Needs analysis

Road mapping and strategic planning

Development of appreciation-centric communication plan and messaging

Recognition program brand development

Branded Recognition & Appreciation employee nomination and prize portal

Rewards reporting and analytics

On-the-Spot recognition programs

Collateral development for program promotion

Recognition & Appreciation events

Customized, branded prizes