Happy National Employee Appreciation Day! National Employee Appreciation Day is officially celebrated the first Friday of every March, but at CXE, we believe that you should celebrate it MUCH more frequently.  


As we continue to face pandemic-related circumstances at work, it is more important than ever to demonstrate appreciation regularly. Creating a culture of regular employee recognition can have a HUGE positive impact. By implementing Recognition & Appreciation practices into your company culture, you will undoubtedly see better engagement with your employees and customers, improving the experience for all involved.


Not sure how to celebrate your employees? Discover several low to no-cost ways to bolster your EX programs during the COVID-19 pandemic in our article, “Appreciation Matters.”


Again, Happy National Employee Appreciation Day, and remember, with commitment, consistency, and sincerity, appreciation of any kind can garner a contagious culture of thanks.


To learn more about the strategy behind our Recognition & Appreciation programs, as well as what products and services we’ve created for organizations like yours, click here: https://www.cxeinc.com/recognition-appreciation.