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A Toolkit for Improving Airport Customer Service

Posted by Jill Donnelly on March 31, 2014

There are various motives for an airport to embark on a service improvement journey. Perhaps it’s differentiation within the market, maybe it is to kick up service delivery a notch and improve the passenger experience, or another tack is to create more teamwork and efficiency within an organization to reduce costs.

At CSE, we often get inquiries from airport leaders looking for more information on how to embark on such a service improvement initiative. While each situation is different, the general concepts and approach remain the same. To this end, we have set out to provide the following "toolkit" full of advice and resources as a general starting point for those ready to start on the journey.

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The Top 3 Methods to Measure Your Customer Experience

Posted by Jill Donnelly on October 30, 2013

To get ahead and stay ahead, you have to ensure a consistent, positive customer experience. 

You can’t simply hope that all is going well with each customer interaction, nor can you risk the chance of losing customers to poor experiences—even 1% of the time. How do you know what is happening in the field, the call center or at the register? You’ve got to get a read on your customer experience, but how? There are myriad choices of customer experience measurement available and how do you know which one will be the best for your organization, your people and your goals?

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Welcome New Airport Employees Through Onboarding

Posted by Jill Donnelly on June 26, 2013

In a changing environment, how are airports adapting to their passenger needs?  How are they preparing their employees for the demands of airport passengers while providing the information, goods and services that they are seeking- all with a smile?

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Employee Love: Are You Giving Your Employees What They REALLY want?

Posted by Jill Donnelly on February 14, 2013

How do I love thee?  Oh let me count the ways…We've all heard about the lavish gifts some companies bestow upon their employees as benefits of employment.

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Why Customer Service Training Won't Improve the Customer Experience

Posted by Jill Donnelly on December 05, 2012

At Customer Service Experts, we are incredibly proud of our name. Just by hearing it you can determine the type of business we are and the work we do.

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Add Mystery Shopping to Your Mix

Posted by Jill Donnelly on October 04, 2012

A recent article in Fast Company, by customer experience expert Kerry Bodine, urges organizations to, “supplement surveys and focus groups with additional customer research methods”.  What’s CSE’s take on this advice?  We agree!

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Effective Leadership is Within Your Reach

Posted by Jill Donnelly on September 20, 2012

It’s Not Just Something in the Water

Effective leaders are everywhere—dotted throughout groups of people from small interest groups to multi-national companies—and some are leaders whether they know it or not.  You know these people.  They may be the Cub Scout Pack leader, the teenager next door, your spouse or your co-worker.  What makes these and other leaders so effective?  If you reside in a medium sized organization, sometimes it is difficult to relate to those who are leading huge organizations with a plethora of resources.  So, here’s a story you can probably relate to.  While it is not a business and doesn’t employ many people, the lesson is still the same.  Leadership matters…

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Connecting with "Back Line" Employees

Posted by Jill Donnelly on July 12, 2012

Back Line Employees are Just as Important in Servicing Customers as Front Line Employees

We traditionally define customers as those people who pay money to your company for a product or a service. These customers could also be referred to as patients, members, students, patrons, etc., depending on your organization.

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Communication Does More Than Inform Your Employees

Posted by Jill Donnelly on April 10, 2012

A Sound Communications Plan is a Smart Engagement Strategy

Have you been addressed by your CEO recently?  What are your company goals for 2012?  What progress is your company making? What is your company’s mission?  What role do you play in achieving the mission and progressing toward and attaining company goals?   

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eC2®: Unlock the Code to Delightful Customer Experiences

Posted by Jill Donnelly on February 22, 2012

There are many models and theories of how organizations thrive most successfully with their delivery of service.  All generally agree that to succeed, an organization must have clearly stated expectations.  How these expectations are created, communicated and supported is the crux of whether an organization has delighted employees and customers, or is simply sustaining mediocrity. 

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