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Customer Service Experts, the leader in providing service culture solutions to the airport industry, recently promoted three top performers and hired two new team members, positioning CSE for continued success in 2019.  CSE partners with airport organizations to design strategies and provide resources to create innovative, customized, service culture initiatives which deliver exceptional customer experiences and increased profit margins. Comprehensive strategies include customer experience strategy, service culture design, training, performance coaching, mystery shopping, and rewards programs.


Patty Thompson, previously the Director of Talent and Learning Development, was promoted to Vice President of CX Strategy, Learning, and Development in November, 2018.  Patty is responsible for overseeing the successful design and implementation service culture strategies, learning and development programming, and new product development for CSE.  She supports and manages the performance of the Digital Marketing and Creative Services Manager as well as mentors the Training and Consulting Manager in establishing strategic team goals, measures performance against these goals, and evaluates results.  Patty leads companywide talent acquisition, on-boarding, performance management and oversees facilitation of CSE initiatives that support professional development and company culture. 

CSE_B&W_Circle_Eileen Wirz 

Eileen Wirz, previously the Manager of Client Experience, was promoted to the Director of Client Experience and Measurement in December of 2018.  Eileen is responsible for leading and developing the Client Services team in building strong client relationships, delivering on client contract specifications, consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations, while maintaining high client satisfaction ratings.  She establishes strategic client services team and individual goals, measures performance against goals and evaluates results.  Eileen also oversees team planning and contract compliance activity of the Quality Review Specialist and Manager of Measurement Services.

CSE_B&W_Circle_Kate Fazio

Kate Fazio, previously the Director, Administration, and Property Development, was promoted to Vice President, Administration, and Property Management in November of 2018.  Kate oversees all financial, human resources, property, and office management responsibilities for CSE and supports the president and CEO and manages performance of the administrative assistant/office manager.  Kate also establishes team and individual goals, measures performance against these goals, and evaluates results.

CSE_B&W_Circle_Andrea Oursler 

CSE welcomed Andrea Oursler to the team as Client Services Specialist in February of 2019. Andrea is responsible for all facets of program management and implementation of contracted projects through strategic planning, collaboration and consulting with clients and internal team members.  She is also supporting and collaborating with the Learning and Development and Training and Consulting teams as needed.


CSE welcomed Kierstin Phelps to the team as Project Coordinator in October of 2018.  Kierstin is responsible for delivering on contracted projects through recruitment, scheduling, and timely completion of service evaluations that measure client and employee experiences.  Kierstin is also responsible for building strong shopper relationships and supporting shopper development.


Customer Service Experts is a service development company that specializes in improving internal and external customer experiences.  For more information about Customer Service Experts, please email