Whether you're a brand new mystery shopper or a seasoned vet, it's always good to start with the basics!

successful mystery shopper

Mystery shops play such a vital role in the service development initiatives CSE designs for their clients, therefore it's paramount that mystery shoppers prepare effectively to deliver the results to us. In order to be successful, mystery shoppers should be: 


  • Have an ability to maintain anonymity
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Take pride in the assignment


  • Have knowledge of assignment
  • Follow the guidelines to a "T”
  • Allow themselves enough time to complete mystery shop assignments and don’t spread themselves thin


  • Complete assignments when scheduled
  • Give proper notice when it’s absolutely necessary to cancel/ reschedule an assignment
  • Deliver shop results on time 
  • BONUS: Reliable shoppers get the most work!


  • Don’t allow predisposed opinions about companies to cloud judgment
  • Go into every assignment with an open mind and clear head


  • Create a detailed and descriptive narrative for each mystery shop
  • Take notes to make sure they have the correct information
  • Pay attention to names, times, greetings/parting remarks, and behaviors while on location


  • Complete mystery shop evaluations in our eView® system on time
  • Reply to coordinator and editor requests and questions quickly
  • Ask questions when they're not sure of what they need to do for an assignment