Once a mystery shop has been entered online in our eView® system and finalized by our editing team, it's time for payment!

CSE disburses client fees to mystery shoppers by PayPal or check within 60 days of your shopping date. We try our best to get your fees to you as quickly as possible. It is guaranteed by CSE that shoppers will receive fees for their finalized project!

paypalCSE will disperse fees into the shopper’s PayPal account, or if they do not choose to receive fees via PayPal, CSE cuts a check and mails it to the address listed in the shopper’s eView® profile. Please follow the steps below to determine how you prefer to receive payment:


  • Choose YES to "Will you accept PayPal payments?" in your eView® shopper profile.
  • Ensure the email address you have in your eView shopper profile is the email address registered to your PayPal account.


  • Choose NO to "Will you accept PayPal payments?" in your eView® shopper profile.
  • Ensure your mailing address is current and correct in your eView® shopper profile; this is where your client fees will be mailed.


Sometimes mystery shoppers will need to purchase an item while evaluating a location to see how an employee handles the interaction at the register. In some cases (specifics noted in the mystery shop guidelines), CSE clients reimburse mystery shoppers for part of their purchase, with receipt proof. Here's a few tips on handling those receipts and getting them to CSE for your reimburesment:

  • Make sure to keep all of your reciepts from a shop! 
  • We prefer your receipts in a PDF file.
  • In case any duplicate receipts are needed, keep receipts in hard copy and in a computer file until reimbursement is received.
  • Shoppers can easily take photos of receipts with a cell phone or digital camera. Scanning is another way to upload a receipt, but it may make them harder to read. Shops will only be accepted with clear receipts.
  • When scanning multiple receipts, please separate each receipt into a different file.

If you have additional questions regarding how project fees work, please visit our FAQ’s. If you have specific questions about a completed shop please email or call us toll free at 888-770-7625 (M-F, 9am-5pm EST). Please ask for the coordinator of the specific project or speak with accounts payable.

IMPORTANT PAYMENT NOTE: CSE reserves the right to hold, reduce or deny shop fees if the assigned work is not completed as specified in the guidelines. Reasons for not receiving fees include but are not excluded to: unprofessional conduct, failure to submit a shop in a timely manner, failure to update a shop in a timely manner, and failure to follow any portion of the guidelines. CSE also reserves the right to withhold shop reimbursements if the original receipts are not uploaded to the mystery shopping form.