Reward & Recognition

Place due importance and recognition on the principles that support your service culture.

Reward programs

Often tied to results of measurement and/or achievement, reward programs are organization-specific. CSE offers consultation services to guide you through the process of ensuring that the correct outcomes are rewarded, the process is scalable and fair to the whole organization and communicated properly.

Peer recognition

Peers recognizing each other for demonstrating the principles helps to sustain and strengthen the culture. This recognition encourages the sharing of best practices and models exceptional application of behaviors to/for others. 

Manager recognition

Managers recognize individuals on a regular basis, often real-time for exhibiting culturally-aligned behaviors.

Leader recognition

Unit or organizational leaders recognize individuals for successful demonstration of the service principles. Leader recognition is often formal, monthly or quarterly, and aids in the strengthening of the cultural standards.

To learn more about how CSE can assist you in the design and implementation of a reward and recognition program in your organization, please contact us.