Airport Customer Service Survey Across Three Years [INFOGRAPHIC]

on June 28, 2016

Customer Service Experts' Annual Airport Customer Service Survey has arrived!

Each year, the team from CSE attends the Airport Revenue News (ARN) Conference, where the airport industry meets to network and learn about the latest trends.  ARN offers countless opportunities to gather feedback on customer service experiences from airport executives, commercial property managers, CEOs, concession decision-makers, and business development directors.  For the last three years, CSE has gathered data from ARN attendees to help clearly define the passenger experience both landside and airside, and illustrate the importance of preparing employees to deliver exemplary customer service.

In 2014, over 700 million passengers traveled through airports in North America and those travelers spent over $900 billion on concessions.  Check out ARN’s breakdown of their spending in top North American airports: 

2014 Food and Beverage - $5 billion
2014 Duty Free and Specialty Retail - $2.5 billion
2014 News and Gift - $1.5 billion

With this amount of spending, the importance of training employees to deliver an outstanding airport experience becomes instantly apparent.

So what did we learn this year when talking to ARN attendees about the importance of outstanding customer service?  Check out our 2016 infographic summary where 98% of those surveyed said employee skills are important in delivering a great airport experience and 81% said they believed employee service skills impacted passenger purchasing decisions!  With that landside information, we at CSE are even more motivated to help you define your vision for your airport passenger experience and help you design a strategic customer service program.

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