Recomposure area (noun):  an area found at the boundaries of TSA security where one can restore composure or calmness.

Last week while traveling to LAX, I found myself outside the TSA security area leaning against an airport directory trying to fix my sandal strap.  In front of me were a half dozen people juggling carry ons and briefcases, trying to “readjust” themselves post-secuity, with purse straps sliding off shoulders and cell phones tumbling to the floor through open-weave benches. All this “readjustment” happening just as anxiety ramps up to get to our gate on time.  UGH.  No wonder why they call this a “pain point” in travel.

The stress people feel about going through airport security is real - so real that airports like Dallas Fort Worth and Oakland International Airport are doing something about it. Think hotel lobby meets therapist’s office.  The “recomposure area” created in these airports allows travelers a designated place to recover and recompose themselves after a brisk and sometimes jarring security experience. How’s it working?  TSA lines are moving 25% faster and travelers are relaxing.

The brain child of Security Point Media and Marriott's SpringHill Suites, the checkpoints have  lounge-like seating, soothing wall art, colored lighting and relaxing music.  “What they have done is calmed the situation down," TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski said. "The more you can calm down the situation at the airport, the easier it is to find somebody who is an anomaly — that's what we're looking for.”

And what do travelers think about these recompose areas?   SpringHill Suites’ results justifies spending a half million dollars each on these cool and calm spaces:

So imagine next time as you scramble to gather your belongings and put your belt back on, an area with tables, cushy seats and mirrors.  Then take a deep breath and recompose yourself in peace . . .




- Lise D'Andrea, President & CEO, Customer Service Experts, Inc.

Like Marriott SpringHill Suites and all of the airports that have implemented recomposure areas and other customer-centric solutions, Customer Service Experts is dedicated to helping clients improve their airport guest experience.  Check out the below links for more information about how CSE could help you today: