Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. This week is an opportunity to recognize and show appreciation for your employees 52 weeks a year. This year’s theme is "Exceeding Expectations! Every Customer, Every Time!" 

The first pathway to providing outstanding customer service is to make sure your employees feel valued, thus ensuring their commitment to your service culture, their job, and loyalty to your organization.  By reinforcing best practices through fairness, clarity, and consistency, employees can deliver exceptional customer service that directly impacts their job satisfaction and your bottom line.  With low cost and high impact, an employee appreciation strategy is a valuable tool for exceeding customers’ expectations every time! 

  • Appreciation generates happiness and retention. Recognition Tip: Be specific. Don’t just say “thanks for all you do.” Explain why you’re appreciative so there is understanding as to what type of behavior provided exceptional customer service and motivated recognition. 
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  • Appreciation stimulates loyalty and confidence. Recognition Tip: Crowdsource it. Ask others about employee performance and be sure to share the praise with everyone – including your customers!
  • Appreciation creates a culture of self-improvement. Recognition Tip: Be Timely. Offer your thanks as close as possible to the event that inspired appreciation so employees can offer repeat performances which build confidence and consistency.   
  • Appreciation improves satisfaction and overall morale. Recognition Tip: Share it. Shared recognition provides all employees with a model of performance that they will want to emulate. By making recognition visible to everyone, the effect is amplified, extends the moment, and improves morale.