Caring Connections is Customer Service Experts’ community outreach program, developed to help the underserved in our local communities.  This employer-supported volunteering program reflects CSE’s support in our employee’s interests and concerns around our communities.  To help celebrate CSE’s 25th anniversary, our Caring Connections team partnered with Joy Reigns Lutheran Church in Edgewater, Maryland, where their Baby Pantry serves over 45 babies each month with weekly supplies of diapers, wipes, and ointment. 

Each parent who qualifies for assistance comes to the Baby Pantry to receive 25 diapers and one pack of baby wipes each week. Caring Connection’s goal was to serve 25 babies for three weeks throughout the quarter - that’s a total of 1875 diapers and 75 packs of baby wipes!  Over a three-month period, CSE’s team collected and donated 2,059 diapers and 76 packages of baby wipes. As CSE celebrates our 25th year of business, the Caring Connections outreach program helps support our mission of teamwork and service by encouraging our employees to look within our communities to find meaningful and personal ways to impact others.