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Continuous Improvement: More Than Just a New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Patty Thompson on December 06, 2011

As we wrap up 2011 and round the bend to 2012, organizations are cautiously optimistic about what will be waiting on the other side.  In this time of uncertainly, something that we can all agree on is our human desire to continuously improve.  We want to improve ourselves, our effectiveness, our efficiency, our companies, our client experience, our offerings.  We want to improve our health, our home lives, our relationships.  Heck, January 1 is when we all think about what we will “improve” in the New Year as we rush to commit to New Year’s resolutions!    

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Employee Engagement: From Front-line to Bottom-line

Posted by Jill Donnelly on December 01, 2011

I represent your brand and service your customers daily; I am one reason whether or not your customers decide to become loyal fans of this organization.  I have the ability to create memorable experiences.  I am the face of your company.  Who am I?  

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Customer Service: Income or Expense?

Posted by Holly Markel on September 15, 2011

Why Investing in Great Service Actually Saves You Money

What is your slice of the $83 billion?
A recent study, conducted via collaboration between Genesys, Research firm, Greenfield Online and Datamonitor/Ovum analysts, set out to measure the impact of lost business due to customer service. The result was "The Cost of Poor Customer Service: The Economic Impact of the Customer Experience."

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Put Your PEOPLE First: Your Customers Will Thank You For It

Posted by Holly Markel on July 13, 2011

Southwest Airlines turns the big "40" this month and the sprightly young airline commemorates the day with something far better than a mid life crisis. They offer up "40 lessons learned from Southwest." All 40 lessons for corporate success are brilliant, but one in particular really stands out.

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