Paint a true picture of your performance with feedback from your employees and your customers. 

Employee Surveys

The environment you create for your employees is the environment your customers will experience.

Soliciting feedback via employee surveys provides valuable insight into this environment. Employee surveys are a powerful method of diagnosing organizational effectiveness and—when implemented in a meaningful, tactical manner—a crucial first step in creating a thriving, healthy workplace environment.  

Our e4Survey® was created to address the core aspects of the eC2® model—service principles, learning and development, leadership, processes, communication and employee engagement. The signature e4Survey® questions were developed in conjunction with industrial/organizational psychology experts.  As the beneficial starting point for eC2®, results from our e4Survey® will:  

  • Identify areas of opportunity and success within your organization
  • Assess the impact of employee perceptions on external customer satisfaction
  • Result in rich, actionable data that charts a path to the solutionsnecessary for service improvement both internally and externally 

See exclusive sample questions from our e4Survey®:

EXCLUSIVE Sample  e4Survey Questions


Employee surveys can improve organizational effectiveness and increase employee loyalty and engagement, only if you act on the results.  Opportunities from survey results are best addressed company-wide with a strategic plan.  CSE offers Survey Strategy Workshops to help organizations develop the most effective solutions and action plans to facilitate ongoing improvement.



You need BOTH sides of the story to know how your company is performing to your standards and your customers’.

Mystery shopping measures company performance against standards set by your company, with mystery shoppers recording objective data.  Customer feedback measures the customer’s satisfaction with your company’s performance, with subjective customer comments.   

Implementing customer feedback surveys in conjunction with mystery shopping will provide metrics that highlight comparisons between customer and company expectations. With eView® you can collect customer feedback data via online, phone, tablet and mobile based surveys.  

Distribution methods include:

  • Emails directly to contact lists
  • Printed codes on receipts
  • Survey link embedded in your website
  • QR codes