eView® doesn’t stop at market research...and neither should you!

When you need to know objective information about how your operation is running, CSE can provide auditing services.  With audit information you can act on your market research findings and fine-tune your company’s operations.   

CSE collaborates with you to create audit forms specific to your company’s needs.  You may want to engage CSE auditors to visit specific locations to record information, or perhaps you have your own corporate checklist that your employees perform and you simply need a place to house and report the information.  Either way, CSE’s got you covered.


CSE Auditors

CSE auditors are professionally prepared to provide timely, objective feedback to your specifications.  Once the audit is complete, the information is uploaded into eView®, our experience measurement system, and available for immediate access.  

Audit applications include:

  • Price Audits: Check that pricing is consistent from location to location.  Or, check your pricing vs. your competitor’s.
  • Brand Audits: Verify proper signage, logo usage and store layout.
  • Franchise Compliance: Ensure your franchise stores are upholding expectations.
  • Competitor Comparisons: Compare pricing, policies or processes.
  • Website: Receive objective feedback on the usability of your website.
  • Promotion and Merchandising: Confirm the implementation specifics of promotions or product placement.

With the use of advanced technology such as photo verification and receipt uploads (for price verification), CSE’s audit information is objective, reliable and credible-ready for analysis and reporting.


Your auditors

House your own internal audits in our eView® experience measurement system.  Your staff conducts the audit and submits the information on eView saving time, money and effort.  Record information via a mobile or desktop device and it is ready for immediate reporting and delivery.   

Utilize eView’s reporting capabilities to show trending, run comparison reports, or simply monitor your locations.