Our Practice

measuring the experience

Our experience measurement platform, eView®, collects data to measure the complete customer experience; combining dynamic technology with our strategic approach. The results of our service measurement efforts are actionable, relevant, and meaningful.

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Our measurement solutions are tailored to the needs of each client while staying consistent to these core pillars:

  • Customized: CSE provides customized services that are developed utilizing our comprehensive expertise and unique information about your business.  We perform service measurement across many markets.
  • Developmental: The single most important outcome of our measurement solution is its ability to improve employee performance.We create strategies focused on employee development.
  • Actionable: We do more than just measure your experience; we help you improve it and positively impact your organization’s success.
  • Dynamic: Utilizing our sophisticated experience measurement platform, eView®, we are able to capture and report data that provides tactical knowledge and drives performance improvement.