Become A Mystery Shopper.


Click the “Apply” button below and you will be guided through our shopper registration process in just three steps:

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  • Fill out your shopper profile. The Shopper Sign Up Form will prompt you to provide some personal information which will help us to create your shopper profile and stay in touch regarding shops that may interest you.
  • Write your sample narrative. As part of the application process, you’ll be asked to write a sample narrative of a recent service experience. The sample narrative should "tell the story" of this shopping service experience, should use proper grammar, and include lots of details.
  • Agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA). In order to apply to be a mystery shopper with CSE, shoppers MUST sign an Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA).

Any questions about the application process, please contact us


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For US shoppers ONLY: Starting 9/1/2017, you cannot defer your social security number with CSE.  If you have deferred your social security number or do not have a valid social security number in your extended shopper profile your shops will not be scheduled. Once you update your social security number in our system, you can begin to apply for shops.  If you have any questions, please email your Coordinator. Thank you, from the Measurement Services Team.