Employee Surveys

Is your customer experience suffering? If so, it could be that your employee experience is less than stellar.

Soliciting feedback via employee surveys provides valuable insight into this environment. Employee surveys are a powerful method of diagnosing organizational effectiveness and—when implemented in a meaningful, tactical manner—a crucial first step in creating a thriving, healthy workplace environment.

eC2 Model Every Connection CountsOur e4Survey® was created to address the core aspects of the eC²® model—service principles, learning and development, leadership, processes, communication and employee engagement. The signature e4Survey® questions were developed in conjunction with industrial/ organizational psychology experts.

As the ideal starting point for the eC²® model, results from our e4Survey® will:

  • Identify areas of opportunity and success within your organization

  • Assess the impact of employee perceptions on external customer satisfaction

  • Provide rich, actionable data that charts a path to the solution(s) necessary for service improvement both internally and externally

  • Engage the entire company in improvement

  • Support employee ownership and loyalty